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Cool Heat Rugs

Laurel Gordon - Ulverstone, TAS, AUSTRALIA

I am very impressed with how the Cool Heat blankets work. The action of the rugs is "great". As with any new product I was not sure how effective they would be and if they would do everything the manufacturer said they would do but I am now very convinced and glad I took the punt buying blankets for both my horses and just want to pass my comments onto you. I've put them on wet during a storm, and Jedda went from shivering to warm in 5 minutes, I could feel the layer of trapped warm air between her and the rug, but when I checked a few hours later she was dry, the rug was dry, but she wasn't clammy or overhot. I use them only when it's wet and windy and cold, and because their coats have stayed effective they're perfectly ok unrugged if it's only cold, they are for me a good 'shed substitute'. Jedda found the rug a bit scary at first, I think the bumps bothered her, but she is hypersensitive let's face it, and she's fine with it now, Belle took it in her stride from the start.

Royston Carr - Thoroughbred trainer - Brighton, TAS, AUSTRALIA

As a race horse trainer we work so many horses each morning that after they are washed down it is very difficult to let them all dry adequately before they are rugged and returned to their yard or stable . The Cool Heat blankets allow the horses to use their own body heat to dry themselves effectively which prevents many problems such as cramps , stiffness and skin conditions which are common with using all the regular rugs under these conditions I have also eliminated the need to double rug my horses as one rug keeps a horse at a very comfortable temperature which saves a lot of valuable time. I am very impressed with this product

Juliana - Auckland, NEW ZEALAND

Thought I would drop you a line to let you know how my two thoroughbreds are doing in their Cool Heat Covers. I had actually bought well known top of the range heavy winter covers for my two at the start of Autumn. They were gorgeous fabric and really stylish - unfortunately ... from a human viewpoint, not an equine viewpoint. So, I put them on the horses and, yep, they looked real flash. However, I realised the error of my ways and only had them on for one night. I was worried that they were keeping them warm at night but then would be making them far too hot in the day time - and I'm not in a position to pop out and change covers every 20 minutes or so. Then I read about the Cool Heat covers. I promptly sold my conventional covers and bought Cool Heat covers with the proceeds. I have to say that we will never look back. The last week in Auckland has seen four seasons in one day, about 10 times over each day. We have gone from 16 degrees sunny though 2 degrees at night, constant steady rain, very heavy and frequent squalls of rain and hailstones, gale force winds and now we just have cold and clear. Throughout all of this my two have had their Cool Heat Covers on and have been checked at various times of the day and night. They are always lukewarm to the touch and nice and dry. I have two old winter covers which I will keep in the unlikely event that we get more than two nights in a row down to zero, but otherwise I won't be using "conventional" horse covers. It seems to me that the Cool Heat Covers are exactly what many of us have been looking for: something that keeps the horses dry whilst ALLOWING THEM to maintain their appropriate temperature, as opposed to being heavily swaddled 24/7. At last, a much, much healthier option for the horses. I have attached a couple of modelling advert shots here...just the real Macdonald, mud and all. In the photo is Seb and Ruby in their Cool Heat blankets

Sharon Brennan - Riding instructor - TAS, AUSTRALIA

I decided to try the rugs for two different situations. I have a warmblood stallion who I usually double rug over winter but taking off and putting on rugs takes up too much time as I have twenty other horses to take care of as well as being a riding instructor. I am very impressed with how the Cool Heat blanket keeps him at a comfortable temperature and he has not become all woolly as I thought may happen being just a single rug. He is very happy in his new coat and it saves me a lot of time and effort especially as the weather changes here so often. The other horse I have rugged in a Cool Heat is a big Clydie cross who has a very thick coat that I use for beginner riders and as a result of being rugged he became very itchy and wanted to rub against anything he could find in his paddock. This caused him to regularly rip his rugs. I got him a Cool Heat to try and I am thrilled his skin condition has totally reversed itself and he has completely stopped trying to scratch himself and is now very comfortable being rugged. I am impressed in how the Cool Heat blankets work and so are my horses

Kim Wilkinson - Tauranga, NEW ZEALAND

I have been using the Cool Heat cover on my Holstein mare for over a month now and I can only wonder why nobody has ever thought of this wonderful idea before. All types of cover, even lightweight breathable summer covers have been a problem for my horse with heavy sweating and general discomfort and irritability when she is hot. Since wearing the Cool Heat she is much happier and even on a warm afternoon of 20 degrees, although she was warm, was not sweating and is definitely much better tempered when wearing a cover. She is a big shouldered horse and I was very impressed with the fit. We have not encountered any rubs, which were a problem before because of her shape. I can thoroughly recommend them and having trialed it on my 'problem' horse will be changing over all of my covers to the Cool Heat for my other horses.

Norma Squires - Stock Horse breeder, Pony Club Instructor - Mt Barker, WA, AUSTRALIA

Having been involved with horses for over 50 years I have used many many products. I can honestly say these Cool Heat blankets are the best rugs I have used by a long way for a number of reasons. Over here in Western Australia we get very cold nights and mornings over the winter months and because I don't like to stable my horses over recent years I have been double rugging my horses but as everybody knows it is time consuming and limits their movement. I decided to try one of the Cool Heat blankets on my polocrosse mare Dabchick and I have to say I am very impressed for a number of reasons. Using just the one rug my mare stays at a very comfortable temperature so I now totally believe what the manufacturers say about this rug . It also has a far superior fit than all the other rugs I have tried over the years. Previously I would be continually having to straighten Dabchicks rugs which always slipped when she rolled or cantered around but the Cool Heat has never ever moved. They fit beautifully. These rugs have solved a number of problems so I highly recommend them. In the photo is Australia wide travelled champion Polocrosse mare Dabchick wearing her Cool Heat blanket

Kristy Matheson - Sheffield, TAS, AUSTRALIA

I purchased a Cool Heat blanket and thought i would let you know what i think. I am absolutely thrilled with the fit of the rug, i especially like the way it sits above the wither and along the spine, therefore not putting pressure on the wither etc. Even after rolling and running around the rug stays in place, and doesn't tighten up in the front like others i have tried do. I also found the rug to be really smart looking, and good quality also. I think the concept is a really great one, i love to keep my horse as natural as possible even though the weather is quite extreme in winter where i live, so this rug suits me down to the ground . I have noticed that even when it was snowing my horse stayed comfortable, and didn't feel cold under the rug. One more thing, the velcro on the front being horizontal instead of vertical (like all other rugs) is much better as it doesn't pull apart as it normally does. Thanks for a great product, i love it!!!!

Liz Siewert - Mt Buller, VIC, AUSTRALIA

"I bought a rug from Valley Country and love it so I want to buy another one for another horse. Its a rug you have when you don't want to rug but still want to ride. Great concept and it works !!". Thanks

Carlee Knight - Bairnsdale, VIC, AUSTRALIA

After seeing the advertisement I thought the Cool Heat rugs looked like a great idea. When they arrived at my store I was very sceptical how it all worked. I decided it was best to try one out on one of my own horses first so I could give my customers feedback. Well I was very impressed how the rug fitted, especially around the neck line and they have a nice big tail flap. Would it work ? The big test was on my horse who wore it 24/7. I am able to put the rug on after being worked and he can cool down without getting chilled. After a 50mm downpour of rain the horse was completely dry and warm with no sweat marks on his body and no sweaty smelly rug. This horse has been wearing the Cool Heat now for four months and I would not hestitate in recommending this rug to any horse owner. It has been very worthwhile for me stocking this type of rug and my customers are happy. If any horse owner would like to contact me regarding the Cool Heat blankets feel free to contact me at the Bairnsdale Horse Centre on 03 51530808

Jill Cooper - Kettering, TAS, AUSTRALIA

Since using the Cool Heat I can now appreciate how a horses natural heating mechanism works and it is a big advantage being able to take the rug off and then put it back on when my horse is wet and covered with dirt - Fantastic !!. Will certainly be buying one for my other horse. It is so simple only needing one rug all winter and even my husband can cope with the new regime.

Liz Harrington - Tyne and Wear - UNITED KINGDOM

Just got the rug and love it. Exremely happy with it. Its been raining and really cold over here in the UK so Ive been able to really put it to the test. The first night I put it on it rained all night and was freezing but Brixton was warm and totally dry. It also fits perfectly. Certainly worth the wait. Thanks again for a brilliant product and it will save me a fortune on rugs !! In the photo is Brixton wearing his Cool Heat

Geri Lambert - Brighton, UK

We are still really pleased with the rugs. Jd (the chestnut cob) and Dot (a warmblood) live out 24/7 through the winter (except when it is really vile.) So far the macs (our name for the rugs - 'mac' is an old fashioned word for a human rain coat!) have coped brilliantly with a really variable autumn - freezing one minute and warm but wet and windy the next. We haven't had to keep changing rugs every five minutes as per usual. An unexpected effect has been to harden the horses off and make them tougher without them getting cold so my gorgeous warmblood now has the fluffy coat of a pony!! I have low trace clipped them which doesn't appear to have affected them adversely at all. Also you seem to have got the cut just right when you bear in mind that the same size fits a 15.1 chunky cob and 16.1 fine warmblood. I'm recommending the rugs to everyone.

Ann Kennedy - Bedford, UK

To rug or not to rug? This rug is the answer to the dilemma! I've always preferred to keep my horse rugless to allow his natural body temperature mechanism the chance to work properly but I live in an area of clay soil and frankly I don't have the time to groom my horse thoroughly of the sticky mud every time I want to ride. This rug gives him (and me) the best of both worlds! I decided to buy this rug (it was recommended by a cyber-friend!), when I was standing in a muddy field, removing medium weight rug from the cold night before and debating with myself whether to put a lightweight rug on for the day or not - it was a bright sunny morning, quite warm in the sun, but rain was forecast for later in the day and the field was very muddy.... no such worries any more with this rug!! I am very pleased with the quality of the fabric and the fit of the rug - always a bit of a concern when buying from so far away! Cal is happy wearing it both in the field and in his stable - every time I have checked him he's been just a perfect temperature.! Thanks!

Marie Bullough - Brighton, England

I am one of Geri Lambert's friends (Brighton , England) and the recipient of one of the five rugs she bought from you on our behalf. The temperature here has been fairly extreme and is currently - 5 degrees C and will probably reach - 7 through the night so they are wearing them at the moment as I only rug the horses in extreme weather. We find that the rugs are perfect for when it is either really cold or wet and windy, at other times we don't rug at all. Each time they wear them they are always a perfect temperature and we never have to worry about whether or not we have made the right decision. Last night it was very cold here in Brighton, at least - 7 degrees C and this morning they were exactly the right temperature and very happy. Feel free to use my comments on your site Thanks so much

Mary Elynne Tappero - Seattle, USA

Western Washington seems to be out of the arctic deep freeze. My 25+-year-old QH Fred did great in his Cool Heat Blanket during this miserable three weeks of weather, with lows in the single digits F. and highs often in the teens and 20s (with two feet of snow, sometimes rain, and wind thrown in). [Photo] Fred is on the left happy and snug in his Cool Heat while the other two horses are wearing their heavy Doona style rugs. Fred has been wearing his blanket 24/7, at night in the stall and in the day during turnout. With the blanket on, he never heads to the run-in shelters to get out of the rain, which I particularly like as I want him to move around and run with the other younger geldings. He also is happy to roll in it, and our farrier said "every time he rolls he gets a massage!" And it's true that when I put my hand under it, it feels cool to lukewarm.Tonight when I groomed Fred, I noticed he seemed to have put on a little weight during this cold spell, so clearly he is not expending extra energy to stay warm while wearing his Cool Heat (and his feed is going to be cut back a bit). Since he already had a good winter coat, I like the fact that the blanket allows him to fluff up to stay warm. Another horse at this barn, around 20 years old, was heavily blanketed his whole life and now does not seem capable of producing a winter coat at all. He, like the other horses there, wears regular heavy "doona" blankets. Some were double-blanketed during the worst of our recent weather. But they seem no warmer than Fred does. All in all, I'm thrilled with my Cool Heat blankets. Every horse should have one!

Melinda and her Morgan Horse Gala Affair - Switzerland

I had never rugged my horse before last winter when he got sick and needed a rug. Nonetheless I found him shivering with his regular rug on -and he still had his winter coat! So I bought a warmer rug, it did help the issue a little but the horse was still shivering on some occasions when heavy rain was falling for days. I was again convinced rugs are not really working - but on the other hand I had a horse that did need a rug. Summer came and we were able to let go of rugs for a while. Around the beginning of September it started raining again. Though the weather didn't get much colder my horse started to shiver again and needed a rug. He felt notably better with the rug but he also did get a bit cranky when the sun came out again and it started to become to warm under his blanket. Just at that time I got to know the Cool Heat blanket. I put it on the horse and watched closely. The insulators seemed to be a new sensation and the immediate response was to go over to the softer ground and roll. After the initial roll - that took longer than usual my horse got up and went about the place quite normally. In the following days I observed no change in mood whether the sun shone or not. I was most concerned that he'd now again start to shiver when rain and wind set it. But he didn't. It's been a few months now and he is still wearing the same blanket - and now it's freezing cold outside and winds are going. My horse is happier than ever and doesn't mind any weather changes. I don't either -it's so nice to know my horse is feeling just fine no matter what the weather is about to do and I don't feel guilty if for once I'm not around to get his blanket off if the sun comes out. I found it interesting to see how the hairs really are allowed to work underneath that blanket. And how there seem to be areas where my horse tends to need more warmth than in others and therefore in some places the coat is standing very upright when in others it's lying a bit flatter. And the fact that the horse can dry safely underneath the blanket is a big plus as my horse is living outside 24/7. Put the blanket on the wet horse and within a few hours it will be nice and dry. In short: It's cool stuff! All the best

Andrea Measor - Sussex, UK

We experienced a good amount of snow in Sussex this winter, more than we have had in many many years. Both our boys coped extremely well in these conditions, bearing in mind they do not have any shelter from the elements except from the Cool Heat rugs. These rugs always keep our boys at the optimum temperature and they really have made our winter so much easier. We only put them on in extreme weather conditions since we are quite hardened to the modern day attitude of rugging at the slightest bit of rain or drop in weather.

We have also found that they have the added benefit of being self grooming rugs! After a good ride, our boys like nothing more than to have a good roll (as they are not clipped and are still worked). They cake themselves with mud and after having the rug on overnight (only if the weather insists) we have nice clean ponies they next day!!!!

Joan Daniel - South Australia

I bought a Cool-Heat rug from Marlborough Park in S.A. a few months ago , as now we have extra daylight saving, it is still hot when I yard my horse at night but can still get quite cold later.Then winter came and we are now having the first real winter we have had in many years. Quilted rugs on, off when the sun comes out, now it's raining, then it's frosty. He had his Cool-Heat on one day when it wasn't too cold but was wet. That evening it was still quite warm so I left it on, and of course that night we had a frost. I made a point of going and letting him out early that morning so I could see if he was warm enough. Yes he was. I left it on and checked him during the day when the sun came out and he wasn't too hot either. He is an Appaloosa/Warmblood and does tend towards being too hot rather than cold. Quilted rugs are far too hot for him on a sunny day. He now has his Cool-Heat on all the time. My life is so much easier and it is such a good fit. Thanks for such a great product.

Wendy Ashton - Briar Hill, VIC

"The Cool Heat rug is the best investment I have ever made!. My horse is happy and I don't have the worry about what rug I am going to put on. I have sold all my other rugs and invested in another Cool Heat. From now on I will only ever use Cool Heat rugs on my horses"

Tina McTavish - Bective, NSW

Thank you for creating such a wonderful horse rug! At the beginning of this winter I needed to rug my 23 yr old retired eventer/dressage horse "Dougall". I wanted a rug system that meant he wasn't going to be too cold on the cold days - or too hot on the warm ones. And it needed to protect him during a wide range of temperatures: during winter here at Bective we can go from minus 6 degrees, then up to 18 degrees in a 12 hr period. I looked at rugs that had under rugs and over rugs, and at 3 in 1 type rugs. My partner then suggested "What about that rug that was on the 'New Inventors' show?". I found the website and read the testimonials - but I was still skeptical: How could one rug - and one without any fill in it - keep my lovely old horse sheltered from the elements and prevent him from using valuable energy trying to keep himself warm? Despite these misgivings, I went ahead and bought a Cool Heat Rug from Valley Country - and now, after my observations during winter - I am a Cool Heat Rug convert! I checked 'Dougall' in all temperatures from minus 6 degrees to 15 degrees - and he was always a comfortable temperature underneath. The rug fitted really well - no slippage at all, no rub marks, and it kept him dry during our (far too infrequent) downpours. Thank you for helping to make my lovely old horses winter much more comfortable than it would have been. I recommend this rug to anyone who wants to make their horses winter more comfortable. You also get the added bonuses of 1) spending less money on buying multiple rugs, and 2) spending less time changing rugs to suit the varying temperature.

Joylene Dudink - Anawa Performance Horses - Exeter, TAS

I started using the Cool Heat blankets as a trial initially 2 years ago. At that time I was double rugging up to 25 horses, some including neck rugs. It took over an hour morning and night to change rugs and often if time didn't permit, it simply wasn't possible, resulting in a day of stressing about whether the horses were too hot or cold. Rug slipping, rubs and repairs were also a constant headache. Now I have only 9 horses but even less rugs in use! . I have 3 Cool Heats and 4 shade cloth combos on the rack for the occasions I want them kept clean or if they are to be turned out or restrained after a wash or work and the weather is a bit too fresh. My horses look very well and healthy, are in great condition with good coats and seem happy and free. They are free from rubs and I am free from rug hassles. All the old rugs got bundled up and packed in a shipping container - never to be seen again!!! Thanks heaps for giving me back so much of my valuable time and money

Rose Smith - Bakers Hill, WA

I might have been a bit slow to take up riding at the age of 40. But the same can't be said for my preference of rugs for my horses. I've had all the canvas, and polyester shelled rugs with various linings with either attachable neckrugs or all in one combos, But can honestly say that the Mac rugs are the best, they not only fit the horses well, they actually do what they are supposed to do. I used to have to worry how late in the afternoon I could ride in case I got my boy too hot and sweaty and he'd get a chill, but not any more, I just throw on the Macs and he's perfectly dry within hours. It's been quite windy here in the mornings of late, with a biting wind but in the afternoons the sun has been out and it's become quite warm. With his Macs rug on he doesn't sweat underneath nor try to destroy it by rubbing himself on the tree. I've recently got a second horse and I've already placed my order for a Macs for him. Trust me, they are BRILLIANT.

Megan - Dandenong Ranges, VIC

I was first introduced to the heat cool rug when watching the new inventors show on television in 2009 , I was very impressed with the presentation and went on line and purchased a rug .I have been using the rug on Moon my 24 year old appaloosa for over a year now and its the best purchase I have ever made for Moon, previous to purchasing the heat cool rug I used a cotton rug in summer and a doona and waterproof in winter it was always a challenge as my horse is agisted 10 minutes from my home so taking rugs off and on during the day is very difficult. The heat cool rug has been the answer to all my rugging problems for Moon, I can relax during the day no matter what the weather is doing knowing she is able to thermostat her own body according to the temperature of the day.

Beck Rae - Deniliquin, NSW

I just received my second Cool Heat i purchased for my mare ~ Gelding got one last year! Thanks for making such a great rug! My horses love you for it! I started to write a testimonial but it was way too long i was going on about the rug so much! Rupert got bitten on the nose by a red bellied black about 4 years ago and i have struggled with him overheating (sweating up) under anything i put on him ever since. Your rug is the only one i have found that he is comfortable in! I cant believe how little wear it has for the time he has been wearing it ~ he is obviously a very happy boy! Thanks again!

Isabella - Melbourne , VIC

When I first heard about the Cool Heat rug I was really skeptical, I thought it was a bit of a gimmick and that the horse keeping itself warm with piloerection was a good idea, but wouldn't work in real life. But I decided to put my doubts aside and just give it a try. To my surprise and delight, this rug has kept my horse warm on the most freezing cold nights, and comfortable during those sunny winter days. Being a Standardbred he has an unusual body shape- huge shoulders and a high croup- but this rug has fit him amazingly well. The Cool Heat fits better than any of his other brand rugs. He moves freely, grazes comfortably and best of all, his sensitive skin gets lots of air and stays fresh and healthy. It hasn't rubbed him out on his shoulders or wither, which has happened with every other rug I have bought for him. The other main problem we have had over the years is that no rug has been able to come up past the wither, and as a result the rug would slide back behind his wither (since it's lower) and the chest straps would then pinch him badly because the rug was sliding backwards. The Cool Heat sits up past his wither, on his neck, and it doesn't slide back. His wither doesn't get pressure put on it, and the chest straps don't even touch him. I was really on-the-fence about whether I should try one of these rugs, but in the end I just decided to go for it. If you're in a similar spot then I reckon you may as well try it. If the Cool Heat will fit my big-shouldered, sensitive-skinned Standardbred then it's sure to fit just about any other horse without rubbing them out.


Pee Wee Bits

SkyFire Farm

Hi there,

I have finally had time to use the bit and really try it out. There was an adjustment period but now my mare is more relaxed, not chomping, not pulling, and her entire body seems much more relaxed and her head is down too. Thank you. I will continue to ride in this bit! I am going to a show, my mare's first show, in two weeks and it is an open fun show and they approved me ride in that bit for the show!
Thank you so much!
Lisa M. Hall
SkyFire Farm New Hampshire USA

Judith Hayes - NZ Equestrian Federation Coach and Trainer

"I found the Pee Wee bit a very useful addition to my bitting range. I trialled it on a range of horses and found it useful for many issues and especially for the horse that evades the contact. The Pee Wee bit has a kind sweet iron mullen mouthpiece so when the horse is soft the bit stays quiet in the mouth however as soon as the horse tries to evade the jaw control comes into effect giving an instant softening response. I would recommend this bit to riders in all Equestrian disciplines."


Sharon White - Dressage and Eventing

"The bit pacifies an active mouth caused by tension which is common in performance horses."


Despina - Acton, TAS

This is a must for any rider! I have been using the Pee Wee Bit when riding and jumping and I absolutely love and recommend it. It's given me another level of communication that I've been striving for with my horse, Mary. The improvement in head carriage is great, which also helps keep her adrenaline down. It was a noticeable improvement immediately. Cheers and happy riding.


Claire Deavin - Launceston, TAS

Talented Australian Representive Claire Deavin is impressed with the Pee Wee Bit and the benefits the bit provides. "My young warmblood mare was working on the forehand and not very responsive in the mouth, this made it hard for me to get her working in the correct frame. I tried the "Pee Wee Bit" and it is like no other bit I have used. It is perfect for my mare as it makes her soft and more responsive in the mouth and helps make her stay light in front. This allows her to use her back end more efficiently which is important for her jumping. I will be using this bit on both my showjumpers and show hacks."
- SHC Grand National Rider of the year 13 -17 (runner up) 2003
- EFA National Rider of the Year 14-17 2003
- Australian representative Trans Tasman International Rider of the Year (New Zealand) 2004
- Efa National Rider of the Year 14-17 ( runner up) 2004
- Trans Tasman International Rider of the Year (runner up) 2004
- SHC Grand National Senior rider of the Year 2005
- Member of winning team at "Vic State Young Rider Championships" 2004
- Tasmanian Young rider Showjumper of the Year 2005
- Member State High


Julie Warne - VIC

I've been riding in a broken snaffle bit for 35 years on various horses. Then I got my unbroke 10 year old, 1900lb Draft horse and she wouldn't accept a broken snaffle bit, plus she had a problem with putting her tongue over the bit. I figured it was her teeth and had her teeth floated, but she still was agitated with the broken snaffle. So I decided to try the Pee Wee bit after reading about it on the internet. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical at first. She was able to get her tongue over the bit in the rings down and rings up position. BUT, the big difference was, she was not fighting the bit like she was with the broken snaffle. She was just trying to figure out where to put her tongue. So with the rings up position I continued to feed her carrots with it on to teach her to keep her tongue under the bit. With only 2 rides on her, she has learned to keep her tongue under the bit and she is so relaxed. Attached is a picture of her with me on her for her first ride. You will see how relaxed she is. Keep in mind, this is a 10 year old 1900lb, 17.2 hand draft mare that has never been ridden until now.


Barry Lew - Dubbo, NSW

Prominent western district harness racing trainer Barry Lew uses the Pee Wee bit on his champion Pacer Karloo Mick. "I find the bit very beneficial not only on Karloo Mick but also successful on my young horses".


Steve Brady - Taree, NSW

Steve Brady is one of Australia's most respected horseman. Steve uses and recommends the Pee Wee Bit.


Ian Leighton - horse trainer

This is the most versatile bit I have ever used. The Pee Wee Bit is particularly useful for horses that are not comfortable in a snaffle. From starting youngsters to retraining off the track Thoroughbreds, "it is a must have", for its ability to relay a message to the horses mouth with a minimum of pain or confusion. The Pee Wee bit allows the horse to concentrate on its learning process without the distraction of something uncomfortable in its mouth.



WOW! That about sums it up. I thought I would give the Pee Wee a try last night and try to regain some control after a disaster of a weekend up at Foxton (napping, bucking & rearing). What a difference. The best work she has ever done in her life - lovely, soft and round, but best of all, she was taking the contact forward and out and it was consistent. I tried her in a kimblewick once, just to give her a fright, but all that did was make her jack her head in and there was no length of stride. But in the Pee Wee I could actually feel her taking me somewhere. Even when she got too strong all I had to do was give her the slightest half halt and she dropped down a gear! I think the biggest difference was in her head - ever since I started her she has shaken her head when she has been ridden. I even hogged her mane, thinking it was her hair flopping around her ears that was annoying her, but it wasn't. On her tests on the weekend she got marked down for bobbing her head up and down and not staying consistent in the contact. In the Pee Wee she didn't shake her head or bob it up and down once. I had the most pleasurable ride on her last night that I have ever had, so thank you!
I am very impressed with the Pee Wee bit because of the instant control jockeys get with minimum resistance. It also has enormous benefits with saftey issues. It totally eliminates lugging in and out which is a huge plus when training and racing thorougbreds. A must have piece of tack.


Royston Carr - Leading horse breaker and trainer - Brighton, TAS

"This bit is awesome. I have used a lot of bits over the years but I have never used just one bit that can be used so many ways with so much effect. The bit is very gentle on the horses mouth and yet I have so much control over the worst pullers. I am also impressed by the amount of neck flex I get when the horses yield to the bit. There is a very big market out there for this bit. I expect all horse trainers will end up with one."


Patricia Bona - D.C., A.V.C.A. - Blue Bell, Pennsylvania

"The first week that I had a Pee Wee Bit in my possession I was so inspired by the results with my own three horses that I arranged to have it tested on four other horses. Simple in design, the nicely curved mullen mouth is inviting to even the softest mouthed horse. A horse that wants to head tilt, lean on a rein or lug in resistance can be corrected with basic rein aids that activate the angled side bars (shanks). The bit can correct the heaviest and ugliest of evasions even with basic riding skills. Riding using the Pee Wee Bit creates beautiful results for all levels of riders and horses."


James A. Meeker - D.V.M. - Hobart, TAS

"The Pee Wee Bit provides better control than other bits of similar design and does so with little or no irritation the sensitive parts of the mouth; lips, tongue, cheeks or lower jaw of the horse. The Pee Wee Bit allows the rider to have maximum control over the horse with a bit that is gentle and acceptable to the horse. Also, the relaxed manner that the horse accepts the bit has therapeutic and performance benefits as well. From a veterinary view point I recommend the Pee Wee Bit."


Alison Van der Vlist - Showjumping, Eventing and Pony Club Instructor

"The Pee Wee bit is excellent for retraining horses with hard mouths and is a great alternative for strong horses in cross country and showjumping. Because if used correctly, is still a soft bit but is very effective for slowing and turning. I found my horse doesn't lean on this bit, making him much lighter and easier for me to control."


Manolo Mendez - Professor of Classical Dressage - Sunbury, VIC

"I found the Pee Wee Bit to be a simple, uncomplicated bit which proved especially beneficial for training fussy-mouthed horses, encouraging contact and correct flexion. With one particular mare which I had tried various bits on, the Pee Wee proved to be the only bit she would accept in a relaxed and happy manner."


Karen W - Sandford, TAS

"Thankyou for a wonderful product ... The peewee bit has been accepted by my mare Amika and has proven just how soft your horse can be. Flexion is never an issue. It is important never to tighten your bridle so as to create creases in the horses mouth, it has been designed to sit softly. I have other friends who also use the peewee and are equally as happy as us."


Sandra Kain - Pambula, NSW

"I have never known a horse to love a bit so much as the Pee Wee. I really only bought the bit because I trust the advice of David and Sandi Symons, and really it is such a radical design. However it's proving to be almost ridiculous. If I do not put the bit out of reach in the shed when I'm not using it my horse will actually try to hold it in his mouth like a "dummy"."


Graeme Padgett - Murray River Horse Trails - VIC

"Rode my jumping horse this weekend with the Pee Wee bit for the first time and could not believe how responsive he was. He is a thoroughbred who was continually tossing his head even after extensive dental work. The results were amazing . I recommend this bit to anyone."


Max Pearce - Australian EA Level 2 Driving Coach & Coach Educator

For the past 30 years I have shown fine Hackney and non Hackney harness horses at Sydney's Royal Easter Show. In this time I have also competed in FEI carriage driving events, driving many combinations up to 4 in hand. Over the past two years, I have been using,The PEE WEE bit in the show ring and at driven competitions. I have proven and demonstrated that these bits are an outstanding success on any horse,(Clydesdales to Shetland ponies) horses just love the PEE WEE. I have also discovered, they are great for mouthing youngsters To date I have found no other bit that will match the PEE WEE.


Geoff Harvey & Hunter - TAS

STATE FINALS OPEN DRAFT WINNERS 2008 & 2009 using a Pee Wee bit


Karen - Glen Innes, NSW

My young horse just loves this bit. I have been struggling for months with different bit and he just resisted them all. I was at my wits end when I saw your ad in Horse Deals. I tried the bit this week and my horse instantly was a changed horse! He is happy and relaxed and no longer fighting me and grabbing at the bit. Thanks soooooo much


Ali Duckworth - Grafton, NSW

I have just had my first ride using the Pee Wee bit and all I can say is "Wow !" My horse is very green and very young and though she tried really hard understanding what I wanted whilst using a regular snaffle, it was like everything "made sense" with the Pee Wee. She was relaxed, responsive and didn't seem to want the ride to end. Thanks so much. I highly recommend this bit to anyone who wants gentle, effective and seamless communication with their horse.


Keelie Gassett - Yatesville, Georgia, USA

Thank you for the Pee Wee bit. I had tried many different bits on my 10 year old quarter horse mare. This bit gave us amazing results! My mare no longer tosses her head or tries to evade my cues. Just out of curiosity I tried several other bits on her and just standing there she began tossing her head. She let me know what works for her! I put her Pee Wee back on and she was great! It was our best ride ever. Thanks again for such a great product


Deirdre Hunt - Galway, Ireland

I bought one of your pee wee bits three weeks ago, it is fantastic, I have a ten year old heavy weight cob, I use him for cross country jumping, with previous bits, he would grab the bit, lock his jaw and neck and run, I had no control, and no steering, after uasing the bit for less than three weeks, he is a changed horse, calm, under control for the first time, the corners of his mouth are not longer cut from the constant pulling, my hands are one hundred percent lighter, and for the first time I can actually ride cross country in a group without him taking off. I love it.


Ann Holden - Gisborne, New Zealand

I started using a Peewee bit on my Welsh Hackney driving pony this spring, and the difference is amazing, he seems very comfortable in it,plays with it, gives at the poll, is so much more responsive in every way, and is quite happy to bend in the direction we are going instead of trying to bend out most of the time. To my amazement he got supreme at his very first show using this bit. It is a pity that more people don't know of and use these bits.


Anne - Denmark

Very amazing bit!!!!!! At first, I thought the bit would be very violent and strong. But when Jeg tried it, it was totally different. My horse has never liked metal bits and has no space in his mouth for the normal bit. I am very surpriced. VERY!!! This bit is not hard, violent or strong, it fits the horses mouth and is laying in the right position, without damaging the horse mouth. I will be using this bit on my showjumper and eventer.


Maziar Jamshidkhani - Iran

I am a horse trainer and show jumper in Iran. last year I bought a PEE WEE bit from Sweden to test it and the result was amazing. It is soft for softer horses and strong for hot horses with bad mouth attitude. I stood in 2nd place in Iran's championship show jumping with a hot horse, which it was impossible without this bit. I just wana say thank you.


Lisa, Rider/Trainer - Perth, WA

WOW, after almost resigning myself to the fact that my stunning beautiful mare would have a mouthing problem forever, I tried a Macs Equine Pee Wee! Who would have thought a 12 yr old Thoroughbred mare that had travelled across the country as a racehorse and that had hung her tongue out of the right hand side of her mouth every ride could be changed. Every other option was tried to no avail then we tried this! Everyone that sees her is in amazement! Now an even better picture and ride....softer than ever and a much happier horse!!!!!


Debbie Gray - Ackland, VIC

Had my new horse Bear 9 weeks. Before fitting the Macs Equine Pee Wee bit, I first put a snaffle with flat centre link bit in Bears mouth and all he did was continually chew on it. I then put the Pee Wee in his mouth, he chewed for a minute or so then stopped and chewed no more. He was instantly a different horse. Calm, relaxed and very happy with the Pee Wee. He even stood relaxed and collected. Truly a breakthrough in horse comfort and control. Your horses mind is much clearer and relaxed allowing him or her to concentrate and show you just how good they really are! Love and listen to your horse!


Belinda - Gauteng, South Africa

I still don't know how I came to see this bit on the internet, I was looking for a bit that is soft and can help me school my horses as well as something my daughter of 5 could use on her new 3 year old appaloosa pony that has just been backed and we are busy schooling. It has been quite some time that I have had an interest in bits and I have always used the eggbutt snaffle but my appaloosas did not seem to be happy, they threw their heads in the air and tried to jerk the reins out of my daughters hands.
No other bits seemed to make them happy and I tried quite a few. I was not happy and felt that there must be an answer. When I read about the bit I liked what I read and the testimonials helped me to take a chance on the pee wee bit even if it cost me a lot of money, I bought 2 pee wee bits one small for the pony and one medium for the other horses and I put them in as soon as I got home using the instructions I printed from the internet - WOW - what a change, I love it and so do my horses.
They have softened on the bit and I hardly need to put legs on or kick to make them move they are so attentive. The slightest touch makes them turn and respond. For one of my very young horses he loved it and is responding very well. I would advise this bit for anyone and encourage any person to take a chance and buy one you will not be sorry, I am even prepared to become a distributor of this bit in South Africa.
My sister helps me with schooling and she agrees with me she has even told some of her friends to buy one. Thank you for helping my horses as well as myself. Now I know that I will not spoil my horses mouth and I am planning to buy another one so I don't have to change my bridle to suit different horses. Even my Percheron mare will get one. This bit works!!