About Us

The team at MACS EQUINE

Dave Macdonald

Macs Equine was founded by Dave Macdonald in 1998 when he developed the world’s first practical hoof boot the Old Macs multi- purpose horse boot. Dave’s great grandfather Thomas Locke was a wheelwright/ blacksmith who was also an inventor, inventing the first wire strainers in 1904 in the south of Tasmania. So it was not surprising that Dave had an interest in inventing. In 2006 Dave’s product the Cool Heat horse rug was featured on New Inventors, an Australian TV program showcasing new inventions. Dave spent many of his early years travelling the USA mainly, Texas and New Mexico training horses and ranching before becoming a full time farrier for 12 years before discovering barefoot trimming and crusading about the benefits of keeping horse’s metal shoe free.
Dave’s latest invention is the Scoot Boot which is an innovative new horse boot which has now entered the market www.scootboots.com.
Dave now lives in southern Tasmania with his wife Vanessa, and two young children, four horses a pony two dogs and two cats and his flock of purebred White Dorper sheep. He is kept very busy yet is grateful to still live on the land. 

Vanessa Macdonald

Vanessa spent eight years overseas and on the mainland experiencing many different horse careers before coming home to Tasmania. She loves everything about horses and is currently starting two of her horses that she breed on the property. She is passionate about MACS EQUINE and is the customer service officer as well as the marketing manager and runs the Facebook pages where she enjoys being able to directly communicate with the customers. Life is busy as she is also a full time mum to two lovely young children.

Donald Ramritu is co-founder of MACS EQUINE and works hard as the business manager.