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About Us

Macs Equine are your Australian distributors of premium horse bits, horse rugs and products.

Macs Equine was founded in Australia  in 2000 by David Macdonald to distribute and market his own innovative equine products. David has spent a lifetime working with horses and cattle.  He started his working life  on his family cattle property then traveled extensively working on cattle and sheep properties in Western Queensland, Australia then ventured to the USA where he worked on cattle ranches in New Mexico and Texas  including time spent training horses and then spent a further 12 years working as a full time farrier. It was during this time spent as a farrier as well as listening to the teachings of German hoof care researcher Hildred Strasser , that David became convinced horses could be worked barefooted without metal shoes providing hooves were correctly shaped and maintained. So in 1998 David invented the Old Macs multipurpose horse boots which were to be used in the transition from shod to barefoot, making David one of the pioneers of the barefoot movement in Australia.

David recalls that back then people laughed at the suggestion that horses could be ridden without horse shoes and that a great percentage of lameness issues are the result of metal horse shoes. Today people are no longer laughing as barefoot trimming is rapidly becoming the accepted method of hoof care worldwide and boots are becoming a footwear of choice among horse owners, for  both competitive and leisurely equine pursuits Since the advent of the Old Mac hoof boots David has invented the revolutionary Cool Heat horse rug  and further developed the Pee Wee bit which was originally invented by an old mate of his, Pee Wee Stevenson, from Lindrith New Mexico. This special bit has no peers among bits for comfort and performance as it has special patented advantages over all other bits on the market worldwide.